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Appraisal Services


Since 1986, InPlace Auction's senior appraiser has been providing valuations for bankruptcy trustees, leasing companies, banks, lawyers, and numerous financial institutions. As a result of this experience, InPlace Auction is earning a reputation as a high quality appraisal company.


We understand our clients have many choices with respect to where they do business and that's why we offer a 100% Repurchase Guarantee on our appraisal fees. InPlace Auction goes to extraordinary efforts to ensure accurate valuations and excellence in customer service. At InPlace Auction, we place a high value on our client's business and treat them the same way they would expect from a national appraisal company.

InPlace Auction provides a full line of asset valuation services and can handle everything from one small asset to a multiple location, multi-million dollar situation. Lenders of all sizes can benefit from our appraisal services.

At InPlace Auction, we guarantee 100% of our appraisals for quality and if your valuation experience isn't one of the best you have had, the appraisal is FREE!

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