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Auction Process


InPlace Auction's compensation is always based on performance. Expense budgets are developed with discipline to optimize cost efficiencies and yield higher net recoveries. We are confident in our abilities and often put ourselves in a financial risk position by either purchasing assets outright or guaranteeing a net return to the seller.

Our flexible compensation structure includes:
     • A buyout of assets (one piece or entire plant)
     • Commission from sale proceeds plus pre-approved expenses
     • Commission from sale proceeds plus a buyer's premium
     • Guaranteed participation, where we pay seller the guarantee price up front then
       participate/split upside proceeds above the guaranteed price.

We recognize that each auction brings with it a unique set of circumstances and InPlace Auction will gladly customize a compensation arrangement that best suits the seller's needs.


InPlace will inspect, describe and catalog all machinery, equipment, or inventory. In most instances evaluating research is performed to develop an appropriate and attainable price range to be expected. Industry-specific analysis might also be performed to ascertain the condition of the market. Based on this analysis, we locate potential end users for each piece of equipment. Once complete, a marketing plan is developed for the seller’s approval.

Marketing Evaluation
InPlace Auction focused marketing is based on our experience of liquidating the assets of more than 20,000 companies. Our goal is to attract interest and offers of the most high-paying prospects possible without wasting time or money. Depending on budget and market conditions, InPlace Auction might recommend simple targeted local marketing or a global blitz. Marketing methods utilized might include any of the following: print media, direct mail, internet, email, telemarketing, signage or web-cast. Lastly, our proprietary list of dealers and repeat buyers – developed over years - will be invited to bid on the assets to be liquidated.

Budget Approval Stage
InPlace Auction always presents a preliminary budget for seller approval based on our experience with similar projects. As in all preliminary budgets this is to be used as a guideline and is subject to modification once we have firm pricing of the cost elements. We NEVER commence spending any money until after we have the seller's written approval of the final budget.

Marketing Implementation
InPlace Auction will execute the approved marketing plan in accordance with the agreed upon time schedule and budget and activities include:
     • Designation and procurement of signage
     • Design and publishing of on-line catalog of the assets to be sold
     • Definition of critical sale conditions and important event details
     • Publishing of marketing materials (hard copy hand-outs, mailers, post cards)
     • Preparation of direct mailing lists
     • Source and place advertisements

Pre-Auction Bidders & Prospective Buyers
Our marketing process is so fast and effective that it is common to find qualified bidders who are interested in paying top dollar for the assets PRIOR to the auction. Unless the auction is court ordered, or essential, and the seller approves, InPlace Auction will attempt to remarket the assets directly to purchasers.

Preparation for Auction
Auction preparation activities performed by InPlace Auction include:
     • Designation of a site coordinator to oversee all aspects of the auction
     • Lotting and tagging of assets
     • Publishing of an auction catalog either on line or in print
     • Marketing and advertising the auction as outlined in the approved marketing plan
     • Research and listing of travel, lodging, car rental, taxi and other information for out-of-town buyers
     • Staging and preparation of machinery to enhance the sale
     • Coordination of preview inspections for buyers by appointment
     • Scheduling of both primary and back up licensed and experienced auctioneer
     • Coordination with local riggers to be onsite for hire by buyers of heavy equipment/large lots

Auction Day and After
Auction and post-auction activities performed by InPlace Auction include:
     • Invoicing of winning bidders and collection of purchase price
     • Management of the removal process insuring that no assets are removed until paid in full
     • The expedited deposit of all auction proceeds in a trust account established for the owner of the assets

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