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Our Ethics

Our future success depends upon developing mutual trust with our customers, our fellow employees, our suppliers and the communities where we live and work. We must operate with integrity in everything we do. What does operating with integrity mean? It means abiding by our high standards whenever we do business on behalf of InPlace Auction.

It means making decisions that will enhance our reputation for the long-term. It also means raising concerns and discussing issues on how we can continuously improve our commitment to integrity, and responsible business practices. Our Conduct Code is designed to assist us in meeting our obligations. It applies to everyone who does business on behalf of InPlace Auction including employees, officers, and members of our Board of Directors. It also may apply to agents, consultants, contract labor, and others who act on InPlace Auction's behalf.

To our Customers: We develop service solutions that solve the challenging needs of our customers. We build long-term customer relationships through superior performance. We are responsive, straight-forward and committed in all dealings with our customers.

To our Colleagues: We treat people with dignity, fairness and courtesy. We create an inclusive environment that is focused on a common purpose, and where diversity in people and perspective is valued.
We cooperate across organizational boundaries, focusing on adding value and earning the trust of our teammates.

To our Shareholders: We are committed to providing an attractive long-term financial return for those who invest in our business. We use corporate assets responsibly and make decisions solely in the best long term interests of the company. We provide timely and accurate information and disclosures as required to our current and prospective investors.

To our Suppliers, and Business Partners: We achieve success through collaborative efforts with our business partners. We treat our suppliers honestly, fairly and with respect. We honor our contractual obligations. We share our standards of business conduct with our suppliers and expect that they will reflect those standards when conducting business on our behalf.

To our Communities: We are committed to being good corporate citizens and we obey the laws in the states and communities where we operate. We practice environmental responsibility and promote positive and constructive involvement in the local community.

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